Rescuing Pit Bulls Across Montana

Pit Bulls are not a breed, but a type of dog that shares similar characteristics. They are some of the most loyal and devoted types of dogs any owner could ever ask for. However, the sad reality is that across the world, humans have turned Pit Bulls into killing machines for entertainment and Montana is no exception. This act is not only physically bad for the dogs, but it has created a stereotype associated with these types of dogs that labels them as being violent and bad pets. The fortunate news is that while there are no official Rescue Centers in that the state, there are various social networks and humane societies located within Montana that seek to fix this issue.

1. Rescue Me is an organization that seeks to rescue a variety of animals including Pit Bulls find loving and caring families. Rescue Me helps to find homes for Pit bulls worldwide. Rescue Me is leading the charge in the state to help Pit Bulls.


2. MT APBT Rescue Service is a website that provides an online network to help Pit Bulls find a good home. The website’s goal is to provide a one-stop site that provides a listing of all Pit Bulls in every shelter across Montana.


3. Pintler Pets, located in Anaconda, Montana, is a nonprofit human society that exists solely on grants and adoption fees, as it receives no funding from the government. Its main goal is to help animals, including Pit Bulls, find a loving home.


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