Can You Own a Pit Bull in Thousand Oaks?

Many states have bans on pit bulls. They consider them as dangerous and vicious dogs. Most of it stems from the behavior of the owner rather than the dog itself. It often stems from poor training. Under California law, dangerous and vicious dogs must be vaccinated and licensed. You can own a pit bull in Thousand Oaks. Just make sure the dog remains indoors or in a fenced area. California is a strict state regarding dog bites from pit bulls. The owner could be liable for the injuries via a civil lawsuit, even if your dog is not to blame. This guide will explain the California laws related to dangerous and vicious dogs.

Does This Include Dangerous Dogs?

Pit bulls get a bad rap for their bad behavior. Most people claim they get bitten by pit bulls than other breeds. Stories of bites from pit bulls occur across the country.

This led to a heavy debate as to where pit bulls should be considered dangerous dogs. A dog could be considered dangerous in one of the following situations:

  • The dog attacked, bit, injured, or kicked another animal
  • A dog bites a person and causes an injury that does not require stitches or surgery
  • A dog attacks a person in which they have to defend themselves

The state of California does not label pit bulls as a dangerous breed. Only certain municipalities claim breeds such as pit bulls are off-limits for dog owners. They could be posed as a threat to others in the community.

Thousand Oaks claims to be pet-friendly. They accept all kinds of breeds. They even have places where you can bring your dog. This area is home to dog-friendly activities, hotels, and restaurants.

What’s Considered a Vicious Dog?

A vicious dog is different from a dangerous dog. They could cause severe injury to a person or another animal, especially when provoked. However, some dogs may be considered dangerous when they have a history of unprovoked attacks and bad behavior.

What Are the Thousand Oaks Laws?

California has a no-breed restriction when it comes to pit bulls. Plus, Thousand Oaks is considered a dog-friendly city. You do not have to worry if you plan on owning a pit bull in this area. Only city and county governments can impose these restrictions. For safety reasons, the state has only imposed breed-neutral laws.

Does California Have a Bite Law?

The state of California holds dog owners responsible if their dog bites another human or animal. They may not be responsible in the following circumstances:

  • The dog protected its owner or another human being
  • Another animal or human provoked the dog
  • The person trespassed onto the owner’s property

According to California law, a dog who has bitten someone who must quarantine for up to 10 days to observe any signs the dog could have rabies. Due to the law, most dogs that bite someone are not euthanized.