Are Pit Bulls Allowed in San Pablo CA

For those unfamiliar with breed-specific legislation (BSL), it refers to laws that regulate or ban certain dog breeds to decrease dog attacks on humans and other animals. But BSL doesn’t necessarily preclude people from owning certain dogs. The laws concerning the ownership of vicious or perceived vicious dogs are nuanced and vary from state to […]

Rescuing Pit Bulls Across Montana

Pit Bulls are not a breed, but a type of dog that shares similar characteristics. They are some of the most loyal and devoted types of dogs any owner could ever ask for. However, the sad reality is that across the world, humans have turned Pit Bulls into killing machines for entertainment and Montana is […]

Pit Bull Rescues in Chicago

“Pit Bulls” get a bad rap. Then again, “pit bulls” do injure more people than any other “breed”. Anyone interested in getting a pit bull should read up on Pit Bull facts and draw their own conclusions, as there is no “pit bull breed” – most people are referring to bully breeds when they say […]

Pit Bull Rescues in NYC

Unfortunately, many bully breeds in NYC need rescue. Many end up in high kill shelters where their life is over after being rescued from the smelly streets of New York. Thankfully, some people out there are dedicated to rescuing these dogs. Here are a couple. If you know of more please feel free to comment […]