Pit Bull Rescues in NYC

Unfortunately, many bully breeds in NYC need rescue. Many end up in high kill shelters where their life is over after being rescued from the smelly streets of New York. Thankfully, some people out there are dedicated to rescuing these dogs. Here are a couple. If you know of more please feel free to comment at the bottom of this article.

New York Bully Crew
The New York Bully Crew is a non-profit rescue organization that specializes in the rescue of pit bulls. Based out of Long Island and founded in 2010, they focus on finding abandoned pit bulls forever loving homes. The New York Bully Crew believes that there is no such thing as a bad dog just because of its breed. Rather, they believe there are bad owners. They make it their mission to make sure abandoned pit bulls don’t suffer simply because of what they are. Not only do they rehabilitate and place pit bulls in loving homes, but they also make it their mission to inform the public about all the horrors committed against the breed in order to raise awareness.

Pitty Love Rescue
Located in Rochester, New York, is Pitty Love Rescue, Inc. This organization’s focus is on the rescue of abandoned, abused and neglected pit bulls. Pitty Love Rescue works to provide abandoned pit bulls with proper love, care and training before matching them with the homes that would be most appropriate for them. Pitty Love Rescue takes a matching approach to re-homing pit bulls. They work to make sure that the pit bulls and their future owners are compatible and right for each other before releasing them to their new owners in hopes that this will help cut down on abandonment of the dogs in the future. Pitty Love Resuce also works with under-served families to help them keep their pets whenever possible by providing emergency veterinary care, resources and supplies to those families with pit bulls in need.

Mr. Bones & Co.
Mr. Bones & Co. is a volunteer-run rescue agency that was founded in 2013. While the organization places an emphasis on pit bull rescue, they don’t turn away any animal in need of rescue. The specialize in worked with animals that face extraordinary challenges that make them harder to place. Animals that need extensive veterinary care and those like pit bulls that are judged unfairly simply because of their breed are common at Mr. Bones & Co. where the workers attempt to work with the animals and their behavioral issues before matching them with the right homes. The organization also provides support to other shelters and rescue organizations in the area and issues many grants every year to low-income families to assist with the cost of their pet care.