Pitt Bull Rescues in North Carolina

There are probably bully rescue organizations not on this list, and also rescues which accept bully breeds as well. If you think I’ve missed anything, please comment at the bottom of the page so everyone can see the updated list.

Pitt Bull Rescues in North Carolina

The Fort.
The Fort, aka Fortitudine Vincimus Rescue Center, is probably the most famous pit bull rescue in NC as it is run by Jake Gardner from Animal Planet’s hit TV show “Pit Bulls & Parolees.” The Fort focuses on American Pit Bull Terriers but doesn’t discriminate based on breed.

Merit Pit Bull Foundation.
From their website: MPBF began as a small rescue in 2012. We have  grown into a Foundation composed of a large number of volunteers throughout the state of North Carolina.

Carolina Adopt-A-Bulls.
The pit bull advocates here say: We are a 501c3 rescue in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina focusing on rescuing pit bulls and pit bull mixes.  We are 100% foster based.

Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue.
COHPBR is dedicated to saving the lives of pit bull type dogs that are most in need. This means taking the dogs that have been in the shelter the longest or the dogs that are rescue only and not available to the public for medical reasons. Many of the dogs we take in are on their last day and in extreme danger of euthanasia. In addition to rescue we provide education and outreach nationwide.